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        How it works

      • On September 6, we awarded a voucher to everyone in the municipality of Groningen with a Grand Theater Account. This voucher is valid for two years for all …

      • Heel Groningen gratis naar Grand Theatre
        bezoek een voorstelling naar keuze

      • Grand Theatre biedt alle inwoners van de gemeente Groningen de mogelijkheid om gratis een voorstelling in het theater aan de Grote Markt te bezoeken. …

      • Your visit to Grand Theatre
        All the Covid-19 measures

      • Finally, Grand Theatre can welcome you again. We’re so excited to enjoy live theater at last. Because we want to do this safely, we’ve created some house rules to keep you, our employees and the companies healthy.


      • Jasmin Hasler
        Binnenwoud (2+)

        • Jeugd
      • A sensory-musical forest performance for children from 2 to 6 years old and their supervisors

        There is a woman in this forest. She picks and stirs, she shakes and pours. …

      • Donna Chittick
        Together x ALPH

        • language no problem
      • An exciting dual performance in which hip-hop choreographer Donna Chittick shares her vision of sisterhood and brotherhood. Her dancers hold you in their grip with their energetic movement, …