• Dedication to improve
    October in Grand Theatre

  • Can the arts save the world? At Grand Theatre we’re convinced that what we put on can at least make the world a bit better. This October, together with our friends from Urban House Groningen, we have invited a number of valiant makers. They bring out the best in themselves, exploring their own boundaries and discovering the ways that history shapes us. With inspiring perseverance, they fight to improve themselves and the world.

      • Shailesh Bahoran
        REDO + Heritage

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      • Theater maker, choreographer and hip-hop dancer Shailesh Bahoran brings two dance pieces to Grand Theatre: Heritage en REDO

      • Emma Lesuis

      • A live documentary about Emma and her heritage in Suriname.

        Dutch spoken

        October in Grand Theatre: Dedication to improve
        Can the arts save the world? This October, together with our friends …

      • BackBone / Alida Dors
        Or Die Trying

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      • Or Die Trying is a dance performance for dreamers and fighters among us. How long and how hard do you have to fight to reach your goals? How far are you willing to go? What does your fight look like? Is giving up an option?

        The show wants to make the exhaustion that life is …

      • The Grand Pillow Society
        Dedication to improve

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        • partner programme
      • Another night of stories and music inspired by the theme Dedication to improve. We’ll have old time favorites sharing stories and newcomers too. And as always we will end the night …