• Grand Theatre and Station Noord in basic infrastructure
    Positive opinion for national subsidy

  • The Raad voor Cultuur issued a positive opinion for Grand Theatre and Station Noord’s application to be admitted in the basic cultural infrastructure. The Council recommends granting Grand Theatre a talent development subsidy for the next 4 years.

    The advised subsidy amount by the Council is €599.587,-. This advice has conditions concerning some subjects which Grand Theatre and Station Noord need to clarify. Director Niek vom Bruch is pleased with the results. “Station Noord and Grand Theatre created more facilities for new makers in the North, this improved the artistic climate significantly. This advice is a reward for the efforts of all partners and makers, and the Northern government who supported us from the start.”

    Institute for development
    Grand Theatre’s plan to use the subsidy to keep coaching talents in the Station Noord route pleased the Council: “It appears that after the development route, makers are not quite ready for an independant practice. That’s why a second stage has been set up, in which Grand Theatre coaches the makers and coproduces their work. This enhances the chances of national visibility and makers transitioning.

  • Raad voor Cultuur
    The Raad voor Cultuur motivates which cultural institutes will be considered for the subsidy starting in 2021.

    Station Noord
    Station Noord is a partnership of large performance arts organisations from the three Northern provinces. Together they boost talent development and the artistic climate in the North.

    Grand Theatre Groningen
    Grand Theatre is the unique and pioneering theatre of Groningen. At the heart of the city the theater presents trendsetting programmes in a contemporary perspective.