• Let's get personal
    February in Grand Theatre

  • So …. how are you really doing? It’s no easy matter to show your vulnerable side in a world in which we seem to be making ever higher demands on ourselves and on others. It might sometimes seem as if people are actually baring their soul on social media, but we have come to know better. In February, Grand Theatre will be inviting theatre makers who do dare to expose themselves and share their deepest thoughts with us. They turn their personal story into a universal one, and in so doing say something about the world we share.

      • X_YUSUF_BOSS

        • language no problem
      • With KÓW, Groningen based dancer and autodidact choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss exposes what happens during the (first) moments of contact between people. Mohamed drew his inspiration …

      • Joy Delima / Veenfabriek / ArtEZ Toneelschool
        Stamboom Monologen

      • Search of a young black woman in a series of comic and personal monologues

        Dutch spoken

      • Mokhallad Rasem / Toneelhuis
        Dagboek van een leeg bed (مذكرات السرير الفارغ)

      • A poetic invitation to think about the passing of time, about distance and intimacy, about saying goodbye and starting over again.

      • Tim Verbeek / Up North
        Mijn Augustus

      • A theatrical travelogue full of percussion and fascinating autobiographical elements.

        Dutch spoken

      • Marc Vanrunxt (Kunst/Werk) / Jan Martens (GRIP)

        • language no problem
      • “Lost is just another word for waiting to be found.” – Noah Charney

        The artistic paths of dancers and choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Jan Martens crossed regularly in t …

      • The Grand Pillow Society
        Let's Get Personal

        • language no problem
        • partner programme
      • Imagine stepping into a living room where you feel instantly welcome. You grab a drink, kick off your shoes maybe, settle down on some pillows and before you know it you are part of a ritual that …

      • Hendrik Aerts / MoOn Productions
        Blackbird - Rebirth

        • language no problem
      • People have died and their death was gruesome. Blackbird – Rebirth was inspired by the b …