• Wanted: Kitchen staff for project
    Needed but not wanted (working title) - Abhishek Thapar

  • Looking for kitchen staff in Groningen to share experiences as a non-Western migrant for a performance project.

    With his new project Needed but not wanted, Abhishek seeks to build visibility of this invisible labour behind kitchen doors by migrants workers. Abhishek Thapar is looking for kitchen staff/help, cleaners, and/or assistant chefs/aspiring chefs across Groningen who work in restaurants/bars across Groningen.

    For Needed but not wanted Abhishek is looking for people who fit the following profile:
    • You are a migrant from outside of Europe and having been living in Netherlands for couple of years.
    • You work in kitchen spaces in white restaurants/bars (Kitchen staff/ help/ cleaners/ cook/ dishwasher/ assistant or aspiring or established chefs).
    • You have a flair for storytelling/public speaking.
    • You are passionate about cooking, food, culture, identity and history.
    • You speak English well and if you speak Dutch also, it’s a plus.
    • You can comment fiercely on racism/discrimination/profiling/exoticism and can reflect on your own position working in kitchen spaces.
    • No theatre/performing experience is needed.

  • Sign up
    Sign up if you would like to share your experiences as a non-western migrant within kitchen spaces.
    Meetings with Abhishek take place between 16th April and 25th April. You can sign up by sending an e-mail to: milan@grandtheatregroningen.nl

    About Needed but not wanted
    Needed but not wanted combines food and storytelling and engages the audience in an intimate space, an ‘uncomfortable dinner’ where 4 migrants cook for the audience. They share personal stories about their migration journey, their relationship to food, home and nostalgia and about working behind kitchen doors.