• Writing assignment (in Dutch)
    What lesson did you learn in love?

  • On Friday, January the 24th, Freek Vielen, Suzanne Grotenhuis and Kasper Schellingerhout from De Nwe Tijd will talk about what has recently affected them in the news, their lives and the universe. During this edition of the Maandagavond on Tour they will talk about love.

    Writing assignment (in Dutch)
    Together with De Nwe Tijd we ask you to write a column, a story, a poem, a monologue or any other form of text (in Dutch!) based upon the question: What lesson did you learn in love and how did you learn it? The winner is invited to read the text during the Maandagavond on Tour and may also bring a friend.

  • Please note: this programme and assignment is for Dutch speakers only.