• See You In Another Dimension
    March in Grand Theatre

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  • The end of the winter is coming! In other words: time to stop cocooning and get out there. This month, Grand Theatre is the perfect place for adventure. With a programme packed with transformative shows, you’ll take a step into the unknown. We have invited makers who blur the boundaries between human and animals, the visible and the invisible, Western Europe and the Middle East, theatre and the world. Immerse yourself and you’ll be surprised by shows with little words, but even more experiences.

      • Michele Rizzo / GRIP

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      • The title of the choreography DEPOSITION is a term borrowed from physics, referring to the process of turning volatile material into solid matter. In this solo performance artist and …

      • Mart van Berckel / De Nieuwe Oost

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      • Which secret desires hide behind our facade of daily existence? What happens when the outer appearance starts to crack?

        In Continenten we see the lives of two persons on the verge …

      • Bára Sigfúsdóttir / GRIP
        Double bill: FLÖKT + being

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      • The Icelandic choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir is known for her personal, highly visual and imaginative work. She presents two of her creations in an exciting double bill. During FLÖKT you are …