Producing at Grand Theatre
    Grand Theatre plays a key role in artistic production and talent development in the northern Netherlands, creating connections between local and international performing arts networks. Working together with cultural and non-cultural partners, we expand and bolster the presence of artists and producers throughout the city. We invite makers to join us at Grand Theatre to set to work. We coproduce national and international productions, construct sets in our studio, offer talented theatre makers a place to rehearse, and provide support with our technical, artistic and production expertise.

    Station Noord talent development programme
    Grand Theatre is partner and budget holder for Station Noord, a partnership between performing arts organisations in the three northern provinces. Together we support new theatre makers in developing their talents in the North and embarking on their careers.

    Noorderzon + Grand Theatre
    Like Grand Theatre, Noorderzon is an invaluable asset in the Groningen theatrical landscape. Working together closely allows us to do even more wonderful things for our audience and makers. This includes acting as production or coproduction partners for various international productions. Audiences can often see work early on at Grand Theatre, while still under development, and then enjoy the final result at Noorderzon.

  • Working in our theatre

    • At the moment we have no artist working in our theatre.

  • Coproductions

    • Cedric Eeckhout

      The Quest

    • De Warme Winkel

      Vincent Rietveld gaat voor de Louis d'Or

    • Veerle van Overloop / ShELFISH Productions / Noord Nederlands Toneel / Grand Theatre

      What Lies Beneath

    • Cie Yan Duyvendak


    • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui / Colin Dunne


    • Gravity & Other Myths

      Out of Chaos

    • Illustere Figuren

      Wie is toch die man die op zondag de vleesvervanger snijdt? a.k.a. Vaders

    • Dunja Jocic

      The Protagonist

    • Veerle van Overloop / ShELFISH Productions

      One Million People & Me

    • Cia. Hiato / Leonardo Moreira


    • WERC & Very Theatre

      Facing Cities

  • Talent Development

    • Nick Bruckman

    • Veerle van Overloop

    • Mohamed Yusuf Boss