• BackBone / Alida Dors
      Or Die Trying

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  • Or Die Trying is a dance performance for dreamers and fighters among us. How long and how hard do you have to fight to reach your goals? How far are you willing to go? What does your fight look like? Is giving up an option?

    The show wants to make the exhaustion that life is tangible. Or Die Trying is a search for finding your own way in the tension of ambition, expectations, self-discipline and self-destruction.

    Choreographer and sociologist Alida Dors gives shape to that in a personal interdisciplinary dance chronicle in which dance, film performance and Thai boxing complement each other. We see Thai boxers and dancers fighting their own limits. They fight to get better than they are now. Isn’t that what life is all about? Growth, development: for yourself, your family, your friends, the gaze of the community and humanity? Become the best you, Or Die Trying.

    As always, Alida creates an adventurous interdisciplinary dance chronicle with influences from hip hop and modern dance – socially and politically aware, urgent and relevant.

    Pre-programme - 20:00 - 20:15
    Urban House Groningen presents a pre-programme. Prior to the performance, Ser Sebico and Janiro Ottens provide a short dance performance in the Bovenzaal. For this they are inspired by the themes from ‘Or Die Trying’.

    October in Grand Theatre: Dedication to improve
    Can the arts save the world? This October, together with our friends from Urban House Groningen, we have invited a number of valiant makers, including Alida Dors. With inspiring perseverance they fight to improve themselves and the world.

    choreography & concept Alida Dors | dancers Jordy Jansen, Tyrone Menig, Jason Winter | Thai boxers Anne de Beer, Sarah Debaieb, Doly Macbean, Juliana Monsalve, Loraine Pengel, Yara Piekema | costume design Isis Vaandrager | composer and musician Simone Giacomini | dramaturgy Peggy Olislaegers | technical producer and lighting design Jeffrey Steenbergen | technical implementation David te Marvelde | technical production Disappearow | business management Ayra Kip | sales Bureau Berbee | production manager Angelique van Beckhoven | marketing & PR Nanda van Aalst, Yoram Otten | graphic design Serena Kloet | photography campaign image Bowie Verschuuren

    • Or Die Trying * is a BackBone show in co-production with Theater Rotterdam, tanzhaus nrw and with financial support from Fonds Podiumkunsten and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.
  • Prices
  • Regular: €16
  • Student / CJP: €11
  • Location
  • Benedenzaal (downstairs)