• Club Guy & Roni
      Weekend Break Festival

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      • 2017

  • Our Grand Theatre dedicates the whole month of April to dance, and Club Guy & Roni will kick off with the fifth edition of Club Guy & Roni’s Weekend Break Festival. You can visit the festival on Friday March 31th or Saturday April 1st and check out an exciting program with contemporary dance, theatre, live music, multimedia and an afterparty.

    Programme highlights

    Teddy’s last Ride by the Poetic Disasters Club
    Teddy’s last ride will be the first piece completely made and performed by Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club itself. Join them, on their trip through thirty minutes of raunchy exploration, gut-wrenching tales, and dirty basement beats, as they gyrate, shake, and dance their way through adolescence. Director Tatiana Matveeva derived inspiration from Haunted by American writer Chuck Palahniuk. With music composed by Adriaan Bon and Andy Smart.

    WAS ES IST - Zuhause 2.0
    About coming and leaving home
    About the reality of losing your home
    About the journey of finding a new home
    About why we always need to say where we come from instead of where we are going

    Terra Incognita - Dunja Jocic
    Dunja Jocic, already for many years an outstanding dancer with Club Guy & Roni, surprises as a choreographer with personal dance projects and films. Terra Incognita is a physical and interdisciplinary duet based on the short story by Vladimir Nabokov. Escaped friends try to reach the unknown land Gurano Hills in the tropical hell of Badonia.

  • And there is more…
  • A group of youngsters from NNTWEE voluntarily lock themselves up in the studio of the Grand Theatre together with theatre maker Sijas de Groot for 24 hours. Lets see what happens…
    NNTWEE also presents Toe Dan(s), a nice theatrical introduction to the spectacular coproduction Carrousel by NNT, Club Guy & Roni and Asko|Schönbergs K[h]AOS that is currently in the theatres… There are installations and objects by stenographer Caroline van de Meent and by light designer Satu Leskinen (she presents a sneak peek of the new performance Self-Accusation by the Poetic Disasters Club)… and DJ’s Angy Revengy and Neon Wasabi are playing…

  • Dance Partners in Crime
  • Dance enthousiasts, pay attennion! In April we will present Dance Partners in Crime, a combined programme that is characterized by contemporary dance.