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      De Man in Europe

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  • For this solo performance, Lucas De Man travelled through Europe, visiting more than 20 creators that are rooting for change and are all working on remodeling the society that they live in.

    How do you see our time and society? Where do you stand in current hot issues, such as the attacks on European territory, trains crowded by refugees and the closing of European borders? What do you think should change and, more importantly, what are you doing about it?

    With these questions in mind theatre-maker Lucas De Man travelled to 17 cities in 8 countries in 30 days in search of new visionaries to redefine Europe. He interviewed more than 20 young creators who are trying to change the society they live in for the better. It struck him that there is a new generation awakening and that they are ready to fight for change. Inspired by this journey, Lucas made a lecture performance De Man in Europe. He uses video fragments of the interviews to take his audience on a journey past the most important insights and battles of the young European generation he encountered. Along the way he’ll relate to previous transition periods of Europe: for example the shift from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. At that time a generation of visionaries appeared with Erasmus, Thomas More and Luther, on whose ideas Europe as we know it now was built. Is something similar happening now?

    Lucas De Man (1982, Belgium) studied German Languages at the University of Leuven and completed his training as director at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. He has worked incessantly on an oeuvre of various (theatre)projects, shows, performances and installations. Next to theatre-maker at Het Zuidelijk Toneel, he is also a freelance director, actor and concept developer at Frascati, Toneelgroep Amsterdam and his own Stichting Nieuwe Helden.

    concept, director and performance Lucas De Man | video montage and director Ruut van der Beele | camera Ton Vorselaars en Pepijn Robben | dramaturgy, project leader Kimberly Major | journalism support Tomas Vanheste | management assistance Tom Dijkstra | with the participation of Matthijs Rümke, Hans Trapman, Jonas Staal, Jan van der Stock, Simon Allemeersch, Lieven de Cauter, Michal Targowski, Slawomir Sierakowski, Miasto Jest Nasze, Giorgio de Finis, Niccolo Capponi, mmmm…, El Campo de Cebada, Christian Utpatel, Social Muscle Club and many other scientists, artists and visionairs from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Greece.

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