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      Finish your plate (4+)

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  • Toneelmakerij presents a new comedy play for all the family. Finish Your Plate, features K-pop peppers, fitness fries, clever-clever cucumbers and the crushed ideals of a conflict-free kitchen table. A tasty snack for connoisseurs aged 4 to 104.

    Mumski, Dadski and Jipski are a happy family – most of the time! When the clock strikes 6, the dinner table becomes a battlefield, and the food served by Mumski is the ammunition. No matter how much Mumski and Dadski cajole, manipulate, swear and roar, nothing helps. In fact, Jipski seems to be enjoying every minute of this power game. His mouth stays tightly closed – and his tummy stays worryingly empty. Jipski’s problem with eating starts having a disruptive effect on the entire family. When Jipski is wrongfully punished after a birthday party gets out of hand, it leads to a terrifying megalomaniacal fantasy.

    Will Mumski, Dadski and Jipski emerge cured from a culinary catharsis, or will they succumb to an anarchic alimentary armageddon?

    Everything is hilariously exaggerated, at that small dining table.
    – De Volkskrant ★★★★

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  • concept & director Paul Knieriem | assistant director Sanne Olijerhoek | dramaturgy Paulien Geerlings | actors Denise Aznam, Ian Bok, Anil Jagdewsing, Nazanin Taheri | stage design Sacha Zwiers| light design Gé Wegman | costume design Jorine van Beek | sound design Jorg Schellekens | photography Sanne Peper

  • Prices
  • Regular: €12
  • CJP / Student: €10
  • Under 13s: €8
  • Location
  • Benedenzaal (downstairs)
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