• Floor van Leeuwen / TENT / Veem

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  • In this first production by theatre-maker Floor van Leeuwen (Schwalbe, among others), 16 performers spend 2 hours moving towards the back wall of a theatre. With a light step, but also with determination. Some are young, others quite a bit older. Others still, somewhere in between. Each performer runs, steps and jumps at his or her own pace, but above all in unison with the others – in a collective rhythm, as a single billowing body. Along the way, a polyphonic conversation between man and wall unspools. We, the audience, see the wall and the backs of the performers. We hear the rhythm of their feet.We feel the energy of the group. Sometimes wild, sometimes calm – but always with the same sense of determination.

    MUUR is not so much a tragic metaphor for the smallness of man as a joint attempt at hope in the face of what threatens to take away our courage.

    Floor van Leeuwen creates and performs with theatre collective Schwalbe, part of Theater Rotterdam and winner in 2014 of the BNG Nieuwe Makersprijs [New Makers’ Award] for their production Schwalbe zoekt Massa. Floor also performs in Lotte van den Berg and Boogaerdt & van der Schoot’s Third Space, she directed Rare Birds by Un Loup pour l’Homme and has previously worked with theatre-makers including Tim Etchells and Lucas de Man.

    Produced by TENT circustheater producties and Veem House for Performance

    Director: Floor van Leeuwen | In collaboration with players: Marie Groothof, Koen van der Heijden, Hendrik van Maele, Petra Steindl, Josse De Broeck, Felix Zech, Hali Neto, Elliot Dehaspe, Maria Madeira, Petra Roelfzema, Silbe Mijnlieff, Hennie Spronk, Renier Leenders, Jasmijn Obispo , Margot Rijven, Levi de Kleer, Petra Eikelenboom and Erwin Boschmans | Technical production: Elizabet van der Kooij | Lighting design Pablo Fontdevila | Dramaturgical support: Oscar van der Kruis, Bauke Lievens | Assistant director: Louis Janssens | Video: Paulien Oltheten | Production: Jasper Hupkens | Costume: Lotte Sterringa | Design: Hanneke Meijers | Publicity: Daisy Benz | produced by: TENT circus theater productions and Veem House for Performance | co-producers: Grand Theatre, Theater Ins Blauen, Festival Cement | with thanks to: Anneke Tonen, Wikke van Houwelingen, Remco de Wit, Hans Logtenberg, Flanders Circus Center, Dave Hogenboom, Evelien van Arkel, Loes van der Pligt, Ellen Walraven, Liesbeth Huiberts, Rob de Graaf, Tim Etchells, TIME, Stijn de Boecke, Lisa Chudalla, Minke Dreef, Vincent Focquet, Anna Gehlin, Joost Giesken, Lena Hermann, Charlie Hession, Joris de Jong, Arend de Jonge, Gerindo Kartadinata, Jim Klinkhamer, Maayke van der Kroft, Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer, Aafke Lenaerts, Jakob Lohmann , Jorga Lok, Hugo Mega, Cahit Metin, Ayla Moes, Tom Mörtl, Fynn Neb, Minka Parkkinen, Camille Paycha, Maya Peckstadt, Det Rijven, Saar Rombout, Lotte Talsma and Sergi Pares.

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  • Normaal (try-out): €8,50
  • Student / CJP (try-out): €6,50
  • Normaal (première): €16
  • Student / CJP (première): €11
  • Location
  • Downstairs hall