• Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe
      AI Challenge

    • partner programme
  • Artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing the news industry, as organizations use machine learning to automate thousands of stories, sift through massive data sets to find trends and outliers, and build bots that scale individual conversations with their audiences. That’s just the beginning. But as the potential for artificial intelligence grows, so do the ethical implications. This event will explore the pitfalls and possibilities of how AI will transform the way we report — and consume — the news.

    The show will be hosted by Marja Doedens.

    Marina Walker Guevara (ICIJ, Panama Papers), Eric Smit (Follow the Money), Ard Boer (NDC media groep) , Thomas Derksen (Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe), Sören Karlsson (United Robots) and Marcel Broersma (RUG).

    More information and tickets via groningen.ai.

  • Prices
  • Regular: €8,50
  • Student: €5
  • Location
  • Benedenzaal (downstairs)
  • Language
  • The evening is hosted in English