• Het Houten Huis
      Onbekend Land (6+)

    • language no problem
  • After a long journey, she drops her bags on the icy mountain top. Everything is white and slippery. This is her new home, but everything is strange. A giant bubble delivers the mail. Peculiar neighbours sail on the back of an enormous sea creature to her to introduce themselves. Lights shine out from under the snow and strange music can be heard.Gradually, she finds out how everything works in this strange country, but when she opens her suitcase, homesickness and memories come pouring out…

    by Elien van den Hoek, Inez de Bruijn | director Elien van den Hoek, Gienke Deuten | assistant director Frederieke Vermeulen | with Inez de Bruijn | music Radek Fedyk, Martin Franke, Raimund GroB | dramaturgy Preben Faye-Schjøll | musical dramaturgy Caecilia Thunnissen | visuals Marlies Schot | costumes and preps Freja Roelofs | light designDesiree van Gelderen | technics Gerrit Schilp, René Groeneveld | production Ruben Bosch |  photography Inez de Bruijn, Elien van den Hoek