• Het Houten Huis / Eef van Breen Group
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  • Cartoon without Pictures
    A musical journey across eternity

    What if I’m suddenly not here any more? Completely dead, I mean?
    Does it mean that I’m then nothing? Or do I break up into so many little pieces that I actually become everything?
    Will I become something else, maybe? A big tree in our garden, a fly, or the dog poop it is on? Or will I float through the universe, like light?
    And if you close your eyes and think of me, am I also in you a little bit?

    Het Houten Huis and Eef van Breen Group are creating a production with the poet Kira Wuck full of sound images. A film that is played out behind your eyes. Step into the half-light where words and sounds surround you. Where instruments capture the light and voices carry you away on an extraordinary journey…

    concept, composer, trumpet, flugelhorn & singing Eef van Breen final direction Elien van den Hoek text Kira Wuck instrument and foley instrument design & percussion Martin Franke harp & singing Eva Tebbe bass, double bass & tuba Stathis Elio cello Amber Docter van Leeuwen spoken word & mouth foley Inez de Bruijn video & lighting design Karl Klomp sound design Peter Zwart artistic advice Eva Tebbe, Inez de Bruijn, Judith Schoneveld & David van Griethuysen

  • Prices
  • Regular: €9
  • Student / CJP: €7
  • Under 13s: €5
  • Location
  • Benedenzaal (downstairs)
  • Duration
  • 55 to 60 minutes

  • Corona ticket
  • For this show you will need a corona ticket. This can be a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or proof that you have recovered from corona. You can find more information on this here.