• Jan Fedinger
      land[e]scapes 3

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      • 2018

  • Last season visual artist and designer Jan Fedinger worked in Grand Theatre on his new installation land[e]scapes 3. In March he will be presenting the new work to a small audience. land[e]scapes 3 invites the audience to dream with their eyes wide open, away from the daylight.

    The light of the day can be considered a rather mundane object of interest. Something opposed to the horrors of the night, where we close our eyes from external stimulation. Dreaming disconnected from the world. During the day we are occupied by other things than to let our mind roam free. We are bound by focus on whatever occupation and fail to take in the poetic of what is right in front of us unfolding on all that we see.

    Let us un-focus and allow to dream during the day. With the words of french philosopher Gaston Bachelard, “… it is in daydreaming that we are truly free beings.”

    Jan Fedinger is a visual artist and designer that works across various media while using light as prime medium of expression. His oeuvre comprises lighting design, light installations, performing, photography, drawings and furniture.
    Work of Jan has been shown across Europe and beyond in context of theatre and visual art. Seeking to create environments that have not yet been perceived but that have only been dreamed of.

    concept Jan Fedinger | with the help of Christina Flick, David Kiers, Morgana Machado Marques, Afke Manshanden

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