• Jonge Harten

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      • 2019

  • Jonge Harten is a nine-day festival in Groningen that stages theatre, performances, dance and more. Its themes will often leave a lasting impression, and will challenge you to not always play things safe. The performances might make you feel uncomfortable and you can often relate to the topics, but they will always get a discussion going. Are you a spectator? No. You will experience the shows in any way you want. So, see you on November 15!

    The following shows, hosted in Grand Theatre, are labeled Language No Problem:

    I am a poem – Lunatics and Poets

    THU 21 NOV
    The choreography couple Lunatics and Poets combine dance and fashion. The human touch and the invisible are central features in a shadow world. If so much of what we are is determined by how other people see us, how do we relate to what we cannot see?

    EL NACIAMENTO OR [REBIRTH] – Ariah Lester & Aymará Parola

    THU 21 NOV / FRI 
22 NOV
    Be prepared for a personal and universal revolution. Together with dancer Aymará Parola he will set out to open hearts. This South American couple drew inspiration from revolutionary women, like Nina Simone, Nina Hagen and the Virgin Mary, and they will get your body moving with pop music and different elements of folk dances.

    The Journey – Anna Luka da Silva & Nora Ramakers
    THU 21 NOV
    In The Journey Anna Luka da Silva will take you back in time. She fights childhood memories with her eyes closed, and battles images that her body cannot seem to forget. She scrapes the debris together and tries to ease away from it all.

    SAT 23 NOV
    Prepare yourself for a long night packed with funky moves, heaps of glitter, lots of art and great music! Clash and Jonge Harten will be hosting the head spinning encore of the festival. You will get to explore performances, DJ sets and art objects in the different spaces of the Grand Theatre.

  • KIJK ME – De Noorderlingen
    The Journey – Anna Luka da Silva & Nora Ramakers

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  • More information about Jonge Harten shows and tickets, you’ll find on jongeharten.nl.