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      Work in Progress: Renacimiento

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  • The opening of Renacimiento got cancelled for its projected date in April 2020, for reasons known to all. The company started working on getting a new opening date with Teatros del Canal, but the world was falling apart and it was very hard to predict the future. All of a sudden, in the month of June, we finally agreed on an opening for the night of the 1st of July. We needed to finish the production, the rehearsals, and we were going to be the first theatre opening in Spain. We all had the desire and energy to double our work days. We did it, and it was an incredible experience. The piece gained new meanings, the audience received it with great love and affection, and the whole team (about 40 people total), lived an experience that we’ll never forget.

    The piece, for its theme and its nature, it’s absolutely linked to the space where it was opened; now, with one of our necessary accomplices, the Grand Theatre Groningen and the Noorderzon, we travel over there to pick the piece up again, sieve some aspects and work on the adaptation of it to smaller venues and with a different scenic configuration.

    Renacimiento is a show built in relation to the imaginary from the last fifty years in Spain. A brief history of this democracy.
    We see a group of men working, in search of a common objective. During this process, there will be time for cooperation, confrontation, action and contemplation.
    These men have only lived a few decades in democracy, theirs is what we could call a very young, almost teenage, democracy. One that is yet to become of legal age.
    Where is Spain headed now? Nobody can know, not even the most powerful people could really tell. These men just working and talking, in their humble and anonymous way, might maybe be subtly proposing a different way of doing things. Because, no matter what we do, we are always changing our world.

    Renacimiento starts with the presentation of the ending regime, remembering our 1975, and finishes in 2020, trying to have a glimpse into what the present and most immediate future looks like.

    by and with Itsaso Arana, Violeta Gil, Celso Giménez

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  • Normal : €5
  • Location
  • Bovenzaal (upstairs)
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  • Spanish with English surtitles