• Leonardo Moreira / Cia. Hiato

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  • Last year award winning Brazilian director Leonardo Moreira worked at Grand Theatre on Calypso: The Disappearance of Love, a part of Leonardo’s new Odisseia project. In May Moreira is back to present the full performance. Cia. Hiato’s Odisseia is primarily about other people.

    The story
    The group divided the poem in seven investigations that correspond to a certain character in the Odyssey: Telemachus, his abandoned son; Penelope, his waiting wife; the nymph Calypso, who offered him her immortality and endless love; the witch Circe, who guided him until the world of the dead; Odysseus’s many shipmates who died before they could make it home; the countless slaves in Odysseus’s house, many of whom are never named; the goddess Athena, who architected a war on his behalf.

    Different characters and actors tell their own inset and personal stories – some true, some false, dreams, memories and doubts. Similar to the poem, the play weaves and unweaves a multilayered narrative that is both simple and artful in its patterning and composition. In Odisseia you experience twenty years of adventures, events and emotions in five hours time. Let Cia. Hiato take you on an intimate and at the same time overwhelming journey!

    directed by Leonardo Moreira | written by Aura Cunha, Aline Filócomo, Fernanda Stefanski, Leonardo Moreira, Luciana Paes, Maria Amélia Farah, Paula Picarelli, Thiago Amaral. | cast Aline Filócomo, Aura Cunha, Fernanda Stefanski, Luciana Paes, Maria Amélia Farah, Paula Picarelli, Thiago Amaral | co-direction Luciana Paes | assistant director Aura Cunha | dramaturgy Mariana Delfini | set & lighting design Marisa Bentivegna | assistant set design & video operator Cezar Renzi | sound and music Miguel Caldas | audio-visual director and graphic design Laerte Késsimos | press (BR) Pombo Correio Assessoria de Imprensa | photos Ligia Jardim | production direction (BR) Aura Cunha | production management (BR) Yumi Ogino | production direction (EU) Judith Martin - Ligne Direct | production management (EU) Jonathan Offereins – Connecting Creativity | co-production Cia. Hiato, Elephante Produções Artísticas, Onassis Cultual Centre, SESC-SP, Grand Theatre Groningen, Prefeitura Municipal de São Paulo, Governo do Estado de São Paulo

  • Language
  • Portuguese spoken with English surtitles

  • Length
  • 5 hours (2 intermissions included)