• Lígia Soares / Noorderzon / Grand Theatre
      Work in Progress: Romance

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  • Lígia Soares is in Grand Theatre to work on a new version of Romance. A parody of how we use language in our Western world. Soares creates a relationship between performer and spectator by giving them lines to say. Come and converse with someone else’s words and experience the identification, fun and repulsion.

    Romance is co-produced by Noorderzon and Grand Theatre.

    Lígia Soares (Lissabon, 1978) is a Portuguese choreographer and playwright. She uses the presence of the audience in her werk as an instrument in the dramaturgy of the show.

    concept, text, performance Lígia Soares | music Mariana Ricardo | English translation Francisca Cortesão | graphic design Filipe Pinto | costumes Tânia Afonso, Lígia Soares | production Máquina Agradável

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