• Moeremans&sons
      My Own Private Disaster

  • My Own Private Disaster is a ‘20 performance inspired by Orson Welles’ radio show War Of The Worlds (1938). Moeremans & Sons took on the idea to stage a disaster in a period of time that is addicted to happiness and sensation, in order to connect the need for stimuli and an allergy against misfortune to one another.

    Moeremans & Sons is a collective which consists of twelve members, with among others director Sarah Moeremans and musician Eefje de Visser. They aren known for the performances they made at NNT. In the future Grand Theatre and Moeremans & Sons will collaborate on special projects, starting with this outdoor performance for free. If only everything works out…

    My Own Private Disaster is the opening performance of the new season in Grand Theatre.

    director Sarah Moeremans | design Julian Maiwald | music Eefje de Visser | with Joep van der Geest, Louis van der Waal, Matthijs IJgosse, Meijering Eva, Eva van Gessel, Willemijn Haasken, Joan Sophie Wouters, Nazanin Taheri Motlag, Kate Kooij | coproduction Productiehuis Rotterdam

  • Language
  • 19:00 Dutch
    20:30 English

  • Free admission
  • No ticket needed.