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      Boy on the Moon + Donna Blue + Smudged Toads

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  • Boy On The Moon is the solo project of Icelandic clarinettist, singer, songwriter and producer Matthías Sigurdsson. He mixes elements from hip hop, folk and classical music in his search for a natural balance between the electronic and accoustic worlds. Being classically schooled, he expresses himself vulnerably and naturally through his surprising textures.

    Each other’s muse, great love and musical partners. The creative duo behind Donna Blue plays and sings sultry indie pop, influenced by a good dose of sixties yé yé, Lynch films and old Hollywood romance. To pull out your slow dance moves ♥ ︎

    Smudged Toads is a green, slippery, highly danceable kraut duo from Rotterdam. The band reveals a penchant for repetitive synth patterns, garage drums and atmospheric soundscapes resulting in a scuzzy mix of kraut, garage and electronics.

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