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      Fjaler + Wolf & Moon + Boom Boom du Terre

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  • Popronde is a yearly festival travelling through 40 cities in the Netherlands. The festival is a way for upcoming bands to present themselves outside of their region, and to experience touring and playing extensively.

    Fjaler – 8.30PM – Balkonbar
    Exploring contradiction, Fjaler uses elements from ambient, classical and electronic music. Based on synthesizers, effect pedals and samples this project is inspired by sound. The performances are built on sequences and improvisation so that every concert becomes a unique trip through lush soundscapes, minimalistic melodies and powerful electronics.

    Wolf & Moon – 9.30PM – Theatercafé / Downstairs Foyer
    Dream folk duo Wolf & Moon are modern day storytelling nomads and just released their debut album Before It Gets Dark. Wolf & Moon’s music lives of the dichotomy of their voices and marries dreamy indie folk with electronic elements that invites you to slow dance and day dream.

    Boom Boom du Terre – 10.30PM – Balkonbar
    As Boom boom du Terre, drummer Jornt Jan Bras uses real acoustic drums, electronic drums and even plastic bottles to create the pounding beats that support his fat baselines and crazy, positive melodies. His debut album Your favorite alBoom therefore sounds very diverse and original. Jornt is performing his positive, energetic music live as a one man band, using devices such as drum computers, a keytar and synthesizers.

  • Location
  • Balkonbar & Downstairs Foyer / Theatre Café
  • Popronde 2019
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