• Raw Cuts #4
      St. Bastian & Geert Jan (all night)

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  • Raw Cuts is the exciting collaboration between IIWII and art institutions Grand Theatre and Clash festival in which we explore the art of party through performances, music and installations.

    On the 21st of December St. Bastian & Geert Jan will do the first record, last record-thing for 6 hours straight combined with a beautiful and exciting art program. Expect a fine groove, lots of smiles, sing-a-longs and an ecstatic dance floor 🔥

    Line up
    St. Bastian & Geert Jan all night
    Art programme: TobyLikesMILK.

  • Prices
  • Early birds: €5
  • Regular: €8
  • Location
  • Balkonbar
  • Limited capacity
  • Please note: only 150 tickets available