• Richard Bolhuis / House of Cosy Cushions
      Underground Bliss

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  • Musician and visual artist Richard Bolhuis (NL/UK) is in residence in Grand Theatre. This will result in a performance with his Dutch-Irish collective House of Cosy Cushions. During the performance soundscapes, songs and visuals flow into one another. Bolhuis is driven by sense of mystery and an altruistic urge to create, all the while being a headstrong and vulnerable spirit. Instead of letting one art form define or encompass his body of work, he carves out his own autonomous space.

    The new House of Cosy Cushions album Underground Bliss will be released on June 22nd as part of Bolhuis’ solo exhibition in Museum De Buitenplaats, Eelde. The album features collaborations with Carol Anne McGowan, Stephen Kiernan and Conor O’Brien (Villagers).

    Richard’s drawings and film loops can be viewed in Grand Theatre.