• Teddy’s Last Ride
      Safe Sex - The Movie (online)

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  • Two dudes sitting in a shitty car. A DJ and a millennial - talking about the inevitable reality of life: it’s easier to fall than it is to rise. Be it gravity (or clinical depression) the conversation is interrupted by a collision - an impact that thrusts you into an absurd journey through the darkness of the subconscious.
    Safe Sex - The Movie is a multi-dimensional trip into self-discovery. The cinematic installation makes you feel like walking into an elaborate music video.

    Through the eyes of the archetypical human, the characters of Safe Sex will lead you through a Stranger Things kind of world. It’s a party, a personal rave featuring dope beats, cinema, theatre, dance, queer aesthetics and transformation. It’s real. What’s real anyways? Who cares? It’ll all be over soon.

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  • Online
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  • You will recieve a link to the broadcast 30 minutes in advance. It is valid between 20:00 and 23:00.

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  • 30 minutes