• Theater-to-go

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  • Grand Theatre presents Theater-to-go. Be surprised by a 10 minute one-on-one performance in the open air.

    JÓRMA - Private Listening Party

    In Private Listening Party, JÓRMA invites you to reflect with them on the possible friction between who you are and who you want to be. It is a first introduction in which their music forms the common thread for a conversation about similarities and differences, your vulnerability and empathy.

    JÓRMA is a personal solo project by musician and composer Jonathan Bonny. As an artist, he is constantly looking for innovative ways to present contemporary art to a wider audience.

  • Prices
  • : €2,50
  • Time
  • You can take away a performance between 14:00 and 17:00.

  • Tickets
  • Tickets are available on site at World of Barista, the cafe of Grand Theatre.

  • Corona
  • The performances are for one person at a time and take place 1,5 meters away from the audience. This makes Theater-to-go completely corona-proof according to the current RIVM guidelines.