• Very Now #1

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      • 2016

  • VERY NOW #1 presents the recent work of four makers who work in the intersection of theatre, dance and art installation.


    19:30 Rodrigo Sobarzo - A P N E A

    In this solo, Sobarzo takes you through an underwater experience.

    21:00 Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek - Schönheitsabend
    Florentina Holzinger en Vincent Riebeek could be the most controversial performance duo in Europe. Schönheitsabend is a crazy, explicit and exotic show about power and reversed roles with a great amount of CAMP.

    20:15 Bar Talk: Rodrigo Sobarzo, Veerle van Overloop, Martijn de Rijk
    In the intermission we will talk with Sobarzo about his show.


    19:30 Julian Hetzel - I’m not here says the void

    I’m Not Here Says The Void is a visual show about the physical form of fear. The performance combines elements of theatre, dance, arts and minimal electronic music.

    21:00 Oneka von Schrader - Panda Express
    Panda Express tickles your senses and gives the word ‘trying out’ a completely different meaning. The show is an installation, tea ceremony and group choreography combined, with Bach as a never ending soundtrack.

    22:00 Aftertalk: Julian Hetzel, Oneka von Schrader, Guido Jansen