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      Facing Cities

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  • Our world has become much smaller in a short amount of time. Every day, billions of people communicate with each other via (anonymous) screens. Thanks to technical developments, we can now even communicate emotions and sensory stimuli using digital technology. But there are still enough elements of human contact that we cannot communicate using these media. What remains (or: what is lost?) if we communicate with each other via screens?

    The video artists and theater makers of Very Theater (Taipei, Taiwan) and WERC Collective (Groningen, the Netherlands) have been considering this question for some time. Together with two dancers (Mohamed Yusuf Boss and YU Yen-Fang) they create ‘Facing Cities’, a dance performance within a spatial art installation.They came together for a working period in Taipei in spring. At the end of August the Taiwanese makers will come to the Netherlands for a new working session which will be concluded on 7 September with a work-in-progress in our Downstairs Hall.

    Very Theater is a theater company from Taiwan led by Chou Tung-Yen. The company focuses on creating interdisciplinary work with a strong emphasis on narrative. Their aim is to have the audience gain new experiences by using new media in their performances.

    WERC Collective is a multidisciplinary artists’ collective from the Netherlands consisting of Joachim Rümke, Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer. The collective focuses on designing and developing (digital) media in relation to art, science and technology. Their joint fascination is the connection between the digital and the physical world.

    Director / Concept: CHOU Tung-Yen | Choreography / Concept / Performer: YU Yen-Fang | Sound Concept | HSU Yen-Ting, LIN Yu-De | Technical Director/Lighting: WU Hsia-Ning | Producer: Neo WU | Production Manager: WU T.J | Executive Producer: WU Ko-Yun, WU Po-Shan | Production Administrator: CHENG Ming-Fang | Production Assistant: CHANG Yen-Ning, HUANG Yung-Han | Marketing: CHEN Ling | Video Documentation: HUANG Chia-Wen, CHANG Xiao-Tien | Video Photography: CHOU Ko-Min, CHIN Zhen-Pan, JUAN Hsiang-Wen | Photography: LEE Hsin-Che, Terry LIN, TANG Chien-Che | Rehearsal Journal: TANG Hsuan

    The Netherlands
    New Media / Concept: WERC Collective | Performer: Mohamed Yusuf Boss | Dramaturgy: Judith Blankenberg | Creative Producer: Jaukje van Wonderen | Intern WERC: Le Hoai Lihn

    Production: Very Theatre, WERC Collective | Co-Production: Grand Theatre Groningen | Supported by: The Rainbow Initiative, the National Culture and Arts Foundation (TW),
    “TAIWAN Top” 2019 performing arts groups, the National Culture and Arts Foundation (TW), Performing Arts Fund NL, Kunstraad Groningen | Special Thanks to: WANG Ning, TIEN Hsiao-Tzu, LEE Kuo-Han, CHU Pei-Rong, CHEN Yen-Pin, HUANG Wen, HUANG Huai-De, YANG Yan-Chun, TENG Hsiang-Ting, Yang’s Ensemble

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