• Wiersma & Smeets
      Ludopia (2+)

    • language no problem
    • kids
  • A gimlet, a pulley, switches, hinges, handles and cranks: Ludopia is one big play paradise for toddlers and pre-schoolers. In a short light- and projection show the light man shows all the things you can do in this interactive arts playground. After this the children will play and touch everything and discover the magical world of machines of Wiersma&Smeets.

    The artistic duo Bram Wiersma and Moniek Smeets have made visual performances together for almost twenty years. Whether it’s old junk or high tech gadgets, for these masters of art EVERYthing gets used to tell a story. In their laboratory theatre everything is made by themselves and they are also the performers in their own shows resulting in a fusion of simplicity and complexity.