• World Storytelling Day
      Rituals & Rhythms

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  • Every day human beings perform rituals that give rhythm to their lives. Many of these rituals are well-known to us, familiar routines and visible structures. But some remain unseen by most, taking place behind closed doors, in backstage areas, or in far off lands. Or they are not recognized as rituals. For World Storytelling Day we bring these hidden rituals out into the open for you.

    At this event, there will not only be traditional storytelling, for most of the evening there will be no stage. You will be free to wander from ritual to ritual, ask questions and find the stories behind drag transformation, the adoration of Shiva and the rituals surrounding music & instruments.

    Of course we cannot let you do this on an empty stomach, so we will start the evening with one of the oldest rituals known to humankind: the sharing of food.

    Rituals and stories by:
    Miss Dolly Wood
    Pankaj Tiwari
    Xina Mercken

    Dinner by:

    18.00 - Dinner
    18.45 - Flipsides, a storytelling performance
    19.30 - Rituals & Rhythms
    21.00 - Dessert

    Rituals & Rhythms is a Storytrooper production.

  • Prices
  • Regular (vegetarian dinner included): €16
  • Student / CJP (vegetarian dinner included): €11
  • Location
  • Different locations in the building
  • The Grand Pillow Society
  • If you haven’t had enough stories by the end of the evening, you can join our special World Storytelling Day fully local edition of the Grand Pillow Society (no tickets required).**

  • Language
  • English spoken