• Wunderbaum
      Daar gaan we weer (white male privilege)


    Three educated, middle aged, white Western-Europeans fail to understand white privilege. In trying to define their role in the racism subject, they slowly sink into a moral quicksand.

    by and with Wine Dierickx, Matijs Jansen, Maartje Remmers | text Annelies Verbeke | set and lighting design Maarten van Otterdijk | coaching Jan Bijvoet, Marien Jongewaard | voices Abdelkarim el Baz, Daniel Frankl, Betty Schuurman | costumes Vita Mees, Erik Bosman, Karin van der Leeuw | technical coordination Siemen van der Werf | technician Rinke Bartelink | produced by Acteursgroep Wunderbaum | co-produced by Theater Rotterdam | made possible by DOEN Foundation, Fund 21, Lira Fund, Elise Mathilde Fund

  • Prices
  • Regular: €16
  • Student / CJP: €11
  • Location
  • Downstairs Hall
  • Language
  • Dutch spoken

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