AFAR (on location!)

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  • With AFAR, Mohamed Yusuf Boss creates a choreography designed for an imposing space: the Nieuwe Kerk. On a daily basis, this building is used by widely diverse communities and its walls harbor a great wealth of stories.

    AFAR, ‘four’ in Somali, focusses on the following four elements: dance, music, the church and the people who use this space. Starting-point is the African philosophy Ubuntu (‘I am because we are’), Mohamed sat down with the communities within and surrounding the church. With AFAR he looks through our differences and studies what unites people.

    Come and discover the space. Immerse yourself in a performance filled with surprising encounters. A performance in which three dancers, a singer, five musicians and the magnificent Timpe-organ represent different perspectives.

    X_YUSUF_BOSS is the house and platform surrounding the Groninger choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss. An important premise for his work is the hip-hop principle ‘each one teach one’ and he mainly explores the question: what is shared humanity?

    concept & choreography Mohamed Yusuf Boss | creative producer Jaukje van Wonderen | dramaturgy Merel Heering | production Juul Huitema | PR & marketing Hanne Staal | dance Thomas Krikken, Shara Maaskant, Juersson Hermanus | componist Toon Bosch | singer Shaolin Versachi | music Toon Bosch, Ivan Baryshnikov, Rosie Taekema, Nouschka van Schaik, Eeuwe Zijlstra | scenography André Pronk | technics Ronald Moerman | artwork & design Martijn Halie

  • Prices
  • Regular: €16
  • Student / CJP: €11
  • Location
  • Nieuwe Kerk (Nieuwe Kerkhof 1)