LÍX (Try-out)

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  • People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them” - James Baldwin

    What does it mean to grow up in the Netherlands as a first generation Somali? What happens when people with a shared history meet? With LÍX, X_YUSUF_BOSS pays tribute to people who don’t always feel whole, but want to be whole. Choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss unravels the fragmented self in a multimedia dance performance. Believing that your history is not something that is behind you, but is stored inside you, he explores his bi-cultural background.

    LÍX (the number ‘six’ in Somali) stands for the sixth member of Mohamed’s family, his father, who was unable to flee to the Netherlands in the late 1980s. What does growing up without a father mean now that Mohamed has two children of his own? In a dance solo that unites hip-hop and the traditional Somali dance Djandheer, Mohamed expresses the desire to be a whole person. Mohamed returns to the community he grew up in. There he talks with the older and younger generations and with his mother, who is the bridge to the family left behind in Somalia. Meeting each other again provides the material for making the performance. Whereas in KÓW the question ‘how do you relate to your environment’ was central and in AFAR ‘how do you relate to the other’, LÍX deals with the question ‘how do you relate to yourself’.

    Choreografie: Mohamed Yusuf Boss ism. Dansers
    Dansers: Ser Sebico, Tara Salahshor, Mohamed Yusuf Boss
    Artistieke ondersteuning: Shara Maaskant
    Zang / Rap: Gemale Bofunda

    Tekst: Sakaria Ahmed
    Componist: Rik van den Heuvel

    Cinematograaf: Farhad Khodadadzade
    Videomapping: Irie Weergang Bove
    Scenograaf / Lichtontwerp: André Pronk

    Techniek Licht / Geluid / Video: Ronald Moerman & Merijn Boers

    Styling: Hanne Staal

    Artwork & Design: Martijn Halie

    Productie: Lucas Winkel

    Communicatie: Stella Uffen
    Productie assistentie / Social Media: Rikje Huber

    Ondersteuning in conceptontwikkeling: Merel Heering

    Dramaturgie: Merel Heering

    Onderzoek: Somalische Gemeenschappen uit Emmen & Groningen

    Persoonlijke coaching: Glenn Helberg

    Artistieke coaching: Roni Haver & Ton Brandsen

    Ondersteund door: Grand Theatre, Fonds Podiumkunsten in het kader van de Nieuwe Makers regeling & Gemeente Groningen

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  • Student / CJP: €9
  • Location
  • Benedenzaal (downstairs)
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