Grand Theatre as your home?

Curious about what happens in the front-and backstage of a theatre? Now you can find out! By living in one! Grand Theatre is looking for students of the Student Hotel to swap rooms with for 2-3 weeks. 

As a part of the bigger international Meet the Neighbours-project we, Grand Theatre, have been strengthening our connection with our neighbours. In this context, we are looking for international students to come and live IN our theatre for a few weeks (swapping their room in The Student Hotel with the artists of MOHA). To learn about our world of theatre-making in a major Dutch city, and for you to teach us about your experience of Groningen as someone with a different cultural and academic background.

Who are we looking for?
International students living in The Student Hotel, who
> are excited by the idea to live in a theatre for 2-3 weeks in October 2018
> are hapy to let the artist of MOHA stay in their room in The Student Hotel at the same period
> want to know what Grand Theatre has to offer, what we do and how we present this in the city
> are curious to experience another side of the city and its people

What are we going to do?
During this project of Meet the Neighbours we will be doing two things:

First, we invite students from The Student Hotel (that’s YOU!) to stay with us. These students will trade their living space in The Student Hotel with our Grand Theatre-space. We invite you to come study, work, eat, sleep, talk and think with us. We will invite you to the performances being shown in that period, but also to smaller presentations of unfinished work. We invite you to experience our practice, but also to show us yours: what makes your study subject interesting? What are your ambitions? And how do you experience this city and its inhabitants? We want to get to know you.

Secondly, we will welcome artist collective MOHA to Groningen. With our support they will research the way international students experience Groningen; the way they see this environment, and the way this context influences their lives in this city. To make their experience as complete and genuine as possible, we think the best place for MOHA to stay is your room at The Student Hotel.

At the end of this period, MOHA will present a performance art piece in The Student Hotel based on their time there. But, we would also like to give our temporary roommates a chance to share their experience of the Grand Theatre with an audience. However, the form of this presentation is still open, and this form will depend on your ideas and wishes.

How to apply?
Interested to participate in this exciting project? Send us an e-mail via and tell us what you would like to explore whilst living between our four walls.

About Meet the Neighbours
Meet the Neighbours is a cross-artform project, spanning almost 3 years, inviting artists to live side-by-side with members of the public in specific neighbourhoods in 5 cities across Europe and North Africa. New artworks are produced in response to changing urban environments and the people who live there.

The project takes place in: Béthune, Lillers & Bruay-la-Bussiere (FR), Groningen (NL), Lublin (PL), Manchester (UK) & Marrakech (MA).

About Grand Theatre
Grand Theatre is an iconic theatre for independent performing arts, situated on the central ‘Grote Markt’ in Groningen. It’s a place where (inter)national artists show their work to an audience, create new work in a curated environment and the influence of the surrounding city is as big as the artists want it to be. A hosting and presenting theatre in the middle of the real world.

About MOHA
Moha is an artistic collective, based in Amsterdam, that organizes events and makes performances in various locations and public spaces around the world.

They create connections between art and other disciplines/work fields as a statement. They believe art needs to make these connections in order to take a more active part in the way society functions, the way we build our cities, the way we dream our future. The context in which they are working, the city and its different social dynamics as well as the research on locality, on how people make and use their living environment, are the starting points for all their initiatives.