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      Between Four Walls

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    Imagine stepping into a living room where you feel instantly welcome. You take some soup, grab a drink and before you know it you are part of a ritual that has been taking place for thousands of years around the world: the sharing of food, music and stories. This is Mezrab. And Mezrab is coming to Groningen!

    What a glorious summer it has been! But alas, after months of basking in the sun, autumn is chasing us back inside. No worries though, because, here, inside, Between Four Walls, is where you’ll find delicious food, a trickster musician and, of course, stories galore.

    Our new and improved Mezrab in the House kicks off the new season with new soft plush carpets, bigger and plumper pillows, an exciting new vegetarian dish by Kruimels and a mix of new storytellers and old favourites.

    Stories by: Sahand Sahebdivani, Corina Onderstijn, Marina Fortuna, Alfid Hadiat, your host Christina Mercken (Storytrooper) and… maybe you? Those inspired to tell can throw their names into a hat for a short open mic set at the end of the night.

    Music by: Vincenzo AcquAria Castellana

    Special thanks to: Theatre Group Entropy

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