Dreaming Out Loud

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  • Join us on Monday 14 October 2019 for a night where dreams won’t just be dreamt, but shared out loud. Our speakers will invite you into their world with short, inspiring stories. Stories about changing your perspective, creating opportunities, ridding yourself of clutter, getting a new lease on life, and more. Got your attention? Good. But that’s all you’re getting from us ;). We won’t give away any more about the talks or our speakers, but you can be sure it’s going to be an exciting, inspiring evening with music, dance and ideas that make you think. Also join us at the afterparty, where you can share your own ideas and get in touch with our speakers.

    About TED
    You’ve probably come across TED on YouTube where inspiring speakers give short talks that make you think. TED started off as a conference in California, but is now a massive platform for sharing world-changing ideas: Ideas worth spreading. The x in TEDx is added for local, independently organised events, which take place all over the world. This fourth edition of TEDxYouth@Groningen is especially aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 22.

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  • De deuren gaan open om 19:00 uur. Het programma begint om 19:30 uur.

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  • Sommige talks zijn in het Engels, en sommige in het Nederlands. Bezoekers die geen Nederlands spreken, kunnen via onze gratis app een live vertaling beluisteren tijdens de talks. De rest van het programma is in het Engels.