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      Grand Expectations

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  • The season of grand expectations is upon us! Maybe you’re expecting a loving and joyous Christmas dinner, good presents and to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re just expecting family Christmas to be a disaster, again. Whatever your expectations, this month you can expect another night of stories & music from us! As well as the continuation of old traditions, such as our open mic set at the end of the night, our pre-show dinner with Kruimels and our afternoon pre-show storytelling workshop (more info below).

    Stories by: Ogutu Muraya, Lili Faham, Gideon Da Silva, Marjon Kamp, and your host Xina Mercken (Storytrooper). Swinging bluegrass music by: Alan Joshua Ten Doornkaat and Thijs Vrolijk.

    At 18.00 you can join Kruimels for a sit down vegetarian meal for € 7,50. No reservations required, just make sure to be on time.

    Want to learn the art of storytelling?
    Come to Storylab, the pre-show storytelling workshop. Registration required. More info via this event.

    First time visiting The Grand Pillow Society?
    Imagine stepping into a living room where you feel instantly welcome. You grab a drink, kick off your shoes maybe, settle down on some pillows and before you know it you are part of a ritual that has been taking place for thousands of years around the world: the sharing of food, music and stories. This is The Grand Pillow Society.

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