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      Get out of here (on location!)

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  • Every November we leave our safe homebase at the Grand Theatre and bring storytelling to another part of Groningen.

    This year we’re the guests of performing arts company Teddy’s Last Ride! Worried about going somewhere new? Don’t! We’ll be bringing our carpets and pillows and some of our favourite regular storytellers to make sure it feels just like home, but then different and edgy.

    Bringing you stories and music inspired by the theme Get Out of Here! Stories by Jana Riederer, Jelke Ludolphij, Marjon Kamp, your host Xina Mercken (aka Storytrooper) and coming all the way from Ireland, special guest, Sinead O’Brien. Music bij the wonderful Bahghi Yemane.

    At 18.00 you can join Kruimels for a sit down vegetarian meal for € 7,50. No reservations required, just make sure to be on time.

    First time visiting the Grand Pillow Society?
    Imagine stepping into a living room where you feel instantly welcome. You grab a drink, kick off your shoes maybe, settle down on some pillows and before you know it you are part of a ritual that has been taking place for thousands of years around the world: the sharing of food, music and stories. This is The Grand Pillow Society.

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  • No ticket needed, donation based event

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  • Doors open: 18.00
    Show starts: 19.00

  • Location
  • Please note: this event won’t take place in Grand Theatre. Location: Teddy’s Last Ride’s studio at Van Schendelstraat 1 (follow the lights).

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  • English spoken