• World Storytelling Day (online)
      The Versions We Tell

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  • When stories travel, as they tend to do, they change, adjusting themselves to the sensibilities of the tellers, the listeners and the times. And so it comes to be that there are many versions of the same story, each with a limited perspective and therefore incomplete.

    In a futile attempt to portray a story in it’s wholeness, Abhishek Thapar, Ogutu Muraya and Xina Mercken take on one of the most well-known stories in the world. Together they strive to understand the story, how it came to be, how it changed, what was lost, what gained and what, perhaps, never seen before. Leaving the audience with the question: Having heard all this, which version will I choose to tell?

    Created especially for The Grand Pillow Society World Storytelling Day, this performance will be streamed live from Grand Theatre Groningen, Netherlands and Nairobi, Kenya.

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