Mezrab in the House | Come Together

A night of stories & music

> English spoken 

As the temperature drops and the nights get longer, what better thing to do than to come together in a warm and cosy space to share food and listen to music and stories!

Tonight we bring you a collection of storytellers sharing folktales and true stories inspired by the theme Come Together. And of course, we’ll throw in a sprinkling of music and an open mic set at the end.

Stories by: Alfid Hadiat, Lili Faham, Marjon Kamp, your host Christina Mercken (aka Storytrooper) and more storytellers and musicians to be announced! And, who knows, maybe you too? At the end of the night we have an extra open mic round for those inspired to tell on the night.

New to Mezrab? Well… imagine stepping into a living room where you feel instantly welcome. You take some soup, grab a drink and before you know it you are part of a ritual that has been taking place for thousands of years around the world: the sharing of food, music and stories. This is Mezrab in the House.

Special thanks to: Theatre Group Entropy