Offstage – World Storytelling Day

Celebration of oral storytelling

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‘World Storytelling Day’ is the global celebration of oral storytelling. On this day, every year, around the world in every continent except Antartica, people gather to tell and listen to stories in as many languages and at as many places as possible. This year we bring an incredible variety of storytellers from around the world to you in Groningen! But don’t worry, we’ll stick to one language, English.

Come celebrate oral storytelling with us! For this special night we want to show you the diversity of storytelling: from personal and historic true stories, to modern fiction and ancient folktales, from spoken word to music, from storytelling theater, to intimate stories in dressing rooms, and – who knows – even the storyteller within you.

18.00 Welcome

18.30 – 19.30 My Home at the Intersection
A storytelling theater performance by Abhishek Thapar

19.30 – 20.00 Food & music.
Delicious vegetarian snacks made by our Mezrab in the House chefs Kruimels. Music by Vincent Arp and friends.

20.00 – 21.00 Back Stage Stories
Stories behind the scenes of the Gand theater in spaces you normally never come by Soula Notos, Margo van de Linde, Xi Zeng, Elyzabeth Gorman, Chris Topher, Sanne Pols, Kevin Groen, Bipin Upadhyay and Corina Onderstijn more to be announced.

At 21.00 the ticketed event ends and the doors open for a special @Mezrab in the House – Local Edition with some of our favourite local storytellers.

Tickets: € 16,- including food.

‘Offstage – World Storytelling Day’ is a Storytrooper production. Production support: Creatief Bureau Sassi and TgEntropy.